Saturday, September 26, 2015

Δelta Zeta UNLV

Oh my goodness. I am beaming from ear to ear as I write this post. (Just thought you should know.)

I have always been obsessed with Greek Life and have wanted to rush a sorority for the past 3 years. This semester I decided to register and it was the BEST DECISION I've ever made. If you want to see my whole experience just watch this video.

I thought I would put together a blog post with all of the pictures I took over the course of this journey. I am so OBSESSED with everything and I am so happy to say I found my place in Delta Zeta, we're pretty AMΔZING. I knew from day one that is where I could see myself and I cannot believe everything came to fruition. God is absolutely amazing and I know for a fact without Him I would not have made it through this process.

After the first day I came home and took a photo with my beautiful sister. She was so excited to ask me about my day and how the process went. 

This was my recruitment group on the last day! Preference Night! My amazing RhoGams, Madi and Chelsea were so sweet and helpful throughout this whole process. ♥

On the final day, BID DAY!!!! I had to sit on this envelope for about 45 minutes before I could open it and see my forever home! (Sounds like I'm an animal at the shelter hahah.)

Waiting on our bids in our group. I'm so lucky to say that these girls are lifelong friends. 

The moment of truth, I think I blacked out honestly.

Group 2 holding their bids from the 7 different chapters! 

I met Taylor in my recruitment group and we ended up being SISTERS!  

I've known Bianca since high school and she is now my sister also!!! 

It's like they knew me already. WATERMELON! 

This beautiful girl pref'ed me and words cannot describe how much I LOVE HER!

The bid party theme was "bidchella" or "coachella." Can you say AMAZING?

First gift from one of my sisters. Life Update: It is not officially hanging on my wall. 

Rocking my bid day shirt for the 6th time this week. 

KAYLA! My beautiful DZ sister. It started out as a joke, "wouldn't that be funny if at the end of recruitment I was a Delta Zeta and we would be sisters?" THEN IT HAPPENED. I cannot even right now. I'm so odd I can't even. 

I am so in love with everything and I cannot wait to take more pictures and make more memories.