Thursday, July 26, 2018

How To Get A Guy To Notice You!

As many of you know I LOVE touching on more "controversial" topics because I think starting a conversation and learning from other's point of view can really help us to grow. I wanted to bring up the discussion of, "how to get a guy's attention" because many people have many points of view.

Above all else, and I cannot stress this ENOUGH you need to LOVE YOURSELF and not seek any validation from another human being on this planet. Your worth on this earth is not defined by how another person looks at you, treats you, does things whether for or against you, etc. Only God gives us our validation and He says in His word that we are made in His perfect image and He makes NO MISTAKES. 

However, I do understand that there needs to be a level of attraction toward another person when it comes to sparking up that connection. Men are especially physical beings and are attracted to girls first by looks. So here are a few tips to peak his interest and have him looking your way! 

1. Embrace Your Femininity: Dress up, put your makeup on, do your hair, go out and rock yourself!  When you go out and live your life and embrace that feminine side you were born with guys LOVE it! 

2.   CONFIDENCE IS KEY: Embrace yourself, love yourself. People are attracted to confidence and if a guy sees that you don't care about what anyone else thinks and you are 100% yourself he will be so attracted to you and want to get to know you more. 

3. Like Attracts Like: My mom always tells me, "be the type of person you want to meet." If you're looking for a person who likes to workout, you also should go out and learn to like to work out. If you're looking for someone who is very well read in the word of God, then make sure you're equally yolked and you know your stuff too. Don't take this too far as to become someone else or change yourself because that's not right, but if you're looking for a good person, be a good person! 

That is all I have for you lovelies today! Make sure you leave me a comment or reach out to me with any questions or other tips you have! I love you all and wish you the very best in your day to day walk with Christ. 

God bless!