1. The Mom Project - This site is absolutely amazing for moms looking to work remotely. They are fully transparent with their rates of pay and you have the opportunity to chat directly with the hiring managers to discuss skills, qualifications, and expectations. 

2. Arise - This is a project based site that will allow you to clock in when you want and clock out when you need to! This means you get to pick your hours, set your schedule, and work on your own terms. This is great as a source to provide extra income. 

3. LinkedIn - This is a wonderful platform to set up your profile, upload your resume, and make connections to network. Make sure that you have a professional headshot, you have up to date information of your work history, and all of the fields have proper grammar. You can also apply directly to roles and hear back within the messenger application if you've qualified for an interview!

As always, make sure you're being safe with your information. Do not send any personal documents, information, and make sure you're vetting every company and position to make sure they are legitimate. Protect yourselves online.

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